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Welcome to WebSpringer

... low-cost, leading-edge DIY website design

WebSpringer is a content management system designed from the outset for its advanced features, remarkable ease-of-use and built-in accessibility.

Features and performance

Effective websites should be far more than interactive, online brochures.  As well as presenting information in an attractive and accessible way they should enable communications with users, support registration and user accounts, facilitate transactions and deliver online services.

WebSpringer does all this and more without the need to hire expensive web designers.  WebSpringer provides you with the tools to design and manage your own website, whatever the complexity.


At the heart of WebSpringer is its remarkable ease-of-use.  Site editors (you can have more than one) simply log in and then click markers to create new pages, modify site design or change text, pictures or videos.  No special computer skills are needed.


Websites should be accessible by the elderly and by people with disabilities.  This is not only a legal requirement in some countries but it is also makes sound business sense.  Around a quarter of the adult population need special assistance to use the internet effectively.

WebSpringer comes with built-in accessibility tools - appearance, speech output, etc. and is more than compliant with the latest web accessibility standards.

Anywhere, any time

WebSpringer self-build websites and the WebSpringer online learning toolkit are developed and managed using standard web browsers. Sites can be managed over any internet connection.

Site administrators and editors are supported by a comprehensive user manual and online help and learning tools.  Training programmes and telephone and email help desks provide further guidance and support.

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